Hurricane Fever

I’ve been here, One too many times I’m sure, Always saying the lesson is clear, Life isn’t a book or topic, There is no sure way to steer, Or avoid incoming traffic, Most times I feel like I’m stuck, Too fond of stretching the limits, Hurting myself mentally, physically. I’ve thought of giving up, But […]

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Miss Right

She wakes up Flawless, No need for make up or fake lashes, She’s the type to ask for morning sex, To bring you the morning paper while she make you breakfast, Go to work everyday because she pays her own bills, Buys her liquor and call herself a cab, She’s the kind who makes the […]

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Man of Will

I fell out with my past, they said I was crushed, bruised and hurt close to defeat, But I rose to my feet, My body too numb to feel any pain, For every friend I lost I gained more worth, What’s a man without a dream, A body possessed with a hollow soul, I had […]

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Monday Blues

The week just begun, And what a way to start it if not with an open bottle, Doesn’t matter if its midway through the month and rent is overdue, A little party never ruined anybody, As long as the landlord still eating those cereals you brought from shags over the weekend, surely they’ll overlook any […]

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Single Nights & Double Bills

I woke up feeling great, Like I just paid 3 months of rent in advance, Sent home a blank cheque for my folks, Had a working shower and already ironed clothes, Polished up shoes and a great attitude to complete the look, But I’m not really that great. I drank a tidy sum yesternight, Might […]

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Dreams of Brighter Days

The Break of Dawn is the most welcome time of day, We roll our makeshift blankets of hays and tattered clothes, Morning chill gnaws at our exposed fatless bodies, Bones protrude at awkward junctures, A yawn. Cars hoot as they rush past our homes. School buses, Kids with bright faces stare at us, As if […]

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Child of Sin

I was born on the streets, When the sun was at its peak, My mother on a break from her tedious routine, Her back snapped and she let out a scream. Her water broke. In the middle of the busy streets, Passers by & wanderers all quickly surrounded the scene, In their midst, A midwife […]

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Shadows in the Mirror

I’m sick of the lies, Bad decisions and sickening regrets, Hurting the people I claim to care about, Being broke every time of the month, My imaginary girlfriend dumping me for my more accomplished self, Losing everytime we play cash poker, Taking up all the dares when there’s a party on my block, Alcohol loses […]

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Bright Lights

I just woke up, Huffing & Puffing like the big bad wolf, Life has been pushing me around lately, Decisions making me act in haste, Spilling milk on my brown uniform, Leaving a bitter taste in my mouth, The Chloroform doesn’t do much either, I don’t need an alarm to wake me up right before […]

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Offside Trap

You have the goal in sight, Blood is coursing through every single cell in your body at speeds of insanity, This is the moment you’ve been waiting for, Tactics and hardwork has finally paid off, All those interview panels, Quincy Jones answers for torn sock antics sadists, Like that one woman asking how much experience […]

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Lost at Sea

Maybe I have anger management issues, From a traumatising childhood, A tumultuous boyhood, Unstable relationships, With my folks, Next of kin, Playmates, Agemates, Maybe I’m different, A new kind of weird, Wired to explode at the slightest impulse, I’m lost at sea, Anger consumes me like wild bushfire, Frustrations swell at my ineptitude, My doctor […]

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Tidal Waves of Emotions

I’ve missed this feeling, Of being wanted Making someone else happy just by doing little things for them Like taking them to Villa Rosa For a night worth 2.3 mil Seeing the smile on the receptionist face When I pay in cash Not loaned but invested Or bouncing cheques Of being wasted Lying on the […]

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Rookie Puzzle

Its your first time, You’ve done this more than anything else, In other places perhaps, Mostly in the small apartments in your mind, You have expectations, Both of problems & improvements, Murphy’s law rings in a distant past, Echoes of history repeating itself, You’re vigorous, only short of excitement, The Zeal overflows threatening to be […]

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Blue Valentine

Roses are red, Love is violent, Dating is costly, Feelings are mushy, Women love chocolate, Men just live for anything flashy, I should pay my rent in advance, Alcohol tastes better when you’re heartbroken, Hot girls can be as cold as ice, Mean guys are usually the nicest, Nice girls love jerks, Blondes doing brunettes […]

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Kimani and Muthoni

It was another valentine’s week, They met at a bar, At the outskirts of town, She was no damsel in distress, He was just the wingman, It all came together like a scripted act, Her friend was a fiery dancer, She pulled crowds like necrosis of the living was her art, Kimani and Njuguna were […]

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Root Bottom

Some say its the herb of life, Others insist its natural and God given, But one little puff later, You have your own views of the latter, Life feels good, problems develop solutions, But they don’t last forever, Dreams won’t save you now, If its all so good you think, Why isn’t it legal? Is […]

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The tide has changed, You’re a master of the seas, Deepest oceans you sail, Your troubles only serve to build strength, The secret to success, Wealth and a healthy bank account, Wise investments and loan repayments, House mortgages and rent in advance, Bad friends and drugs that make your head fizzle as you check & […]

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Winter Star

You’re a star, A dim one so far but still, You stir passion in others, Work tirelessly to feed desires, Light up their faces in the darkest moments, Always the one with the positives, Never cared about stats or resumes, Bleak as it may seem, you always paddle towards the horizon, Others come first, everyone […]

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Plagas Mentins

Its like any other disease of the mind, Like a drug high, Only that this one lasts for months, Years even, You start feeling lost & lonely, Your friends don’t seem as affectionate as they use to, The sun scalds your face even when you sleep under cold blankets, Nights are summer afternoons, Extending deep […]

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CheckMate of Life

Think of life as a game of chess, You’re the King. There are pawns, rooks, bishops, knights and most importantly. A Queen. Pawns are day to day soldiers, Laying their own lives on the line for your success, Do you have pawns in your life? Who would go a mile longer than everyone else, To […]

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Sofa Mentality

You complain a lot nowadays, Nothing seems to be going right, Work is boring, pay is even smaller, You’re always fighting with your significant other, The new project you’re struggling so hard on isn’t showing signs of a lifeline, Landlord keeps increasing the rent, You never have free time, Can’t remember the last time you […]

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Master of the Jaded

The dark clouds gather, masses arise ready to depart Deep inside he let’s go a relief, one of worry rather than joy Only he knows, what the days end means When his demons are at their peak, Emotions overflow, grudges are re-lived Power shifts, the other side grows stronger His will is shaken, great fear […]

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disease of the minds

I’ve been meaning to blog more but lately all my sources of inspiration have dried up. I’m no longer infectiously happy, yes I just made the word up. Anger doesn’t spark a light or burst embedded emotions into fiery desires, Misery no longer loves my company, Bad decisions don’t leave imprints of regrets anymore, fast […]

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Diary of A black son

The rains pours hard, fumbling to find his keys. He stumbles, he hits his leg on a rock he hadn’t even seen, stubs his small toe. More misery. He finds his keys, picks one and unlocks the door. He staggers in, knowing all the right places to put his feet. No use breaking expensive knock […]

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Sunday Morning Choirs

Its Bright & Early, For a sun morning, The chirping birds, The growling drunks, The closing bars, The littered bottles tell the tale, Cars dragging themselves along the usually busy highway, Their drivers over fed on pleasure, Cock crows, not once but twice A wife opens a door, hoping to find her husband of 10 […]

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Memories of the future past

The pain is back again, I’ve seen it all before, As wiser as every passing day leaves me, Still can’t stop this nauseating feeling from washing over me, I take meds, I try stress relieving yoga techniques What makes it worse is that I already know how it goes Its like De javu, Only this […]

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sweet serenade

Sometimes I lose my mind Sometimes people cross the line Sometimes the alcohol is never enough Sometimes the baggage seems to get heavier by the hour Sometimes I feel like giving in and letting my demons take control Sometimes the drugs hit the spot Sometimes I feel like salvation himself Sometimes I love the music […]

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Lady in the blue Jeans

She walked past us with an air of rebel about her, Was she born this way you ask? Always loud & opinionated as opposed to the norm of her culture? With the brand new timbs, you even wonder how she manages to walk without a drag, I kinda feel bad for her, A victim of […]

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Strength of a woman

I woke up to a text message from my mum today, at 5am. Nowadays I’m starting not to question happenings in my new found leash of life. She was wishing me a happy day, telling me I’m still the love of her life. I smile as I type back a response. Now I have set […]

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Hunger Games

My stomach grumbles It hasn’t had its daily share, that bread no longer comes automatic Since I left my fathers house, armed to teeth with qualifications of all kinds Its been a bittersweet experience The world has taken a different shape since then A low battery notification brings my train of thought to a sudden […]

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Sins of our fathers

What have our fathers done now? Why are they being called dead beats all over? I shall try and be precise on this one. See in our African culture, when one succeeds he is a child of his father but every failure is quickly attributed to the mother. Now let’s think for a minute about […]

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Midnight Flu

The cool breeze of the night makes me feel alive Peace and tranquility are my best of friends Mornings however dwell upon us and we have to part ways The rays of sun through my window give me strength The chilly mornings make my heart beat a tad bit slower Calm slowly returns and my […]

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The Truth hurts

We’ve all been in these position before. When the truth knocks on our doors but we send a fake smile to answer The smile is a serial liar, efficient and even at times Winning over the messenger while at it But if there’s something I’ve learnt There is really no way to keep the truth […]

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Monday Morning Blues

Monday mornings always bring about a sombre mood around the house, office even at my local down the street. The working birds fill up the timeline with cries of traffic piling up our roads. The school goers struggling with hangovers and last minute assignments. As I sit behind my computer, I think about the part […]

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Highs and Lows

As I force down the last swallow of my clear vodka My feelings dissolve into ghosts of my past Alcohol no longer serves as an eraser of bad news Being a depressant, my chemical imbalance only serves as a catalyst Even as I sit at my favourite corner downing lethal amounts of liquor The truth […]

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Baba turns 90

The news of our second president turning 90 during the start of this month was a refreshing piece of news to the country. The man is a living African icon. Whether we admit it or not, we can’t just sweep 24 years of his rein under the dusty red carpet of our history. The man […]

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Friday Night Lights

I wake up feeling dazzled, the sharp light from my small kitchen across blinds me for a few seconds. I close my eyes and try to focus. My bedside watch’s ghostly green digits informing me that its 2:47 am I swing my feet lazily off my bed and knock over an empty bottle of vodka. […]

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Sandman’s Plague

I did nothing to warrant this, Lost all my patience waiting for bliss, A bitter pill that was never mine in the first place, Sacrificed more than I had, Gave more than I should have, Made bridges where walls should have stood, Misery of my own making or so my practitioner understood, Sending me away […]

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A Fair Black Princess

Hey you, How was your day? No scratch those old corny lines today, I hope you had a good day, I know sometimes it feels like you can’t get your way, Thing fall apart at every turn, Nobody seems to get you, Everyone is too busy caught up in their own messes, Those are the […]

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Lone Ranger

I’m never on my own, In class with my anxieties, Wondering what I will have for dinner, Last nights spaghetti bolognaise or order take out, In my house with my depression, Battling stress and regrets, Overthinking all my current predicaments, Those I could have walked away from, Advances I should not have let go on […]

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Carpe Diem!

Drink that dinner wine slow, Baby let our love show, When we dance girl let all the stress go, Here for a good time til it hits right, Rock that dress you love let’s have a fun night, Call your friends tell them we are doing open mic,, Red wine, hot whine, tell the DJ […]

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A sunday in May

Even as I lay here, Bleeding my life dry, Watching the sky fade away, Whispering inaudibles to the false gods, Praying that the pain kills me first, I lived a half life, Never truly had a wife, My biggest regret is how much I have survived, All the times I convinced myself I was right, […]

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I’m in love with a stripper, Cliche but I’m no singer, She only give time to a big tipper, Here to make her mine with a game changer, Fun times and wild nights to bring her closer, She says she never had someone like me, Willing to dance with flames so daringly, With a love […]

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Always be my baby

I know you keep saying you’re all mine, That no light can ever dim this shine, From the moon and back nothing feels the same, Nights apart leave us lonely with no shame, Frowns every morning we don’t wake up in one bed, Whoever said chivalry was dead, I open my doors wide each time […]

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I think I found the love of my life, No I’m not trying to make her my wife, Its not the whole commitment bit that scares me, Hell at this age even skydiving turns me on, Before I met her I had already found my own, Someone who got my jokes first time around, Made […]

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Barely Human

I lost my will to live, Desire to survive, Treading on the edge, Praying to the gods I don’t break this ledge, They said I could go out and break a leg, Make this world my oyster, How many eggs does it take to make an omelette anyway, Because lately I’ve been losing to many […]

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